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Advanced Review: Worlds' Finest #3

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 07/03/2012 - 17:58

Now why can’t Paul Levitz write like this for Legion of Super-Heroes?

In this tense and taught tale of derring-do, we learn what it was like to be a stranger on a world we never made (cliché but true) when we see what actually happened to Power Girl and the Huntress during their first years of accidental residency on this planet, New 52 Earth.

We also get another gander (or two!) of the entity that came through the Boom Tube with our gals from Earth 2.

Levitz seems like his old self again, bringing incredible power and emotion to the tale of these two aliens. Whether it is their calmer moments or the frights that make one’s hair stand on end, Paul is delivering in this book as no where else!

Kudos to the pro’s pro artist George Perez for keeping it real and powerful and for the primary palette of Hi-Fi who lets everything on the color spectrum loose this issue.

I do not think DC should be concerned about either of their Earth 2 books; they seem to be doing fine, IMHO. Now some of those Earth 1 books (the New 52), they could stand a look.