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Advanced Review: Winter Soldier #7

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 06/19/2012 - 16:40

A tale of murder, mystery, tragedy and the past comes roaring at Bucky Barnes and the Black Widow in the second leg of Ed Brubaker’s latest spy novella, Broken Arrow.

For the uninitiated, an elite Soviet soldier, formerly in stasis, has recently got his memories back and is angered he has spent wasted years because of an American hero. His plan? To flush Bucky out of hiding and bring vengeance to the Winter Soldier and his crimson-tressed companion, the Black Widow.

Buck and Natasha begin a hunt themselves that gets personal quick, and I love the chemistry Bru is giving this couple. Tasha has really come into her own since the Avengers movie and Buck has been sitting there searing with promise since before he became Captain America.

This is a great comic, and Michael Lark is putting his heart and soul into the mood-making mini-portraits each panel become. I am loving his story-telling ability and it only complements Bru’s writing.

This epic is a keeper, folks. No uber-Nazis, just spy stuff in the mighty Marvel manner!