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Advanced Review: Warlord of Mars #29

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Mon, 11/18/2013 - 22:40

Betrayal. It always stings.

Even though you might have seen it coming, in this chapter of Warlord of Mars’ “Savages of Mars” arc there is a terrible discovery that leads John Carter to question everything he has done on the Red World.

Betrayal most foul, and even the suspecting and critical Tars Tarkas is caught unawares by the answer John Carter and he have been seeking since the beginning of the storyline.

As usual, writer Arvid Nelson manages to take the obvious and familiar and wrap it with a mystery inside an enigma. Warlord of Mars is not only a great sci-fi and pulp salute to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ immortal Carter, it is swiftly becoming a deeply involving mystery/detective mag of a sort. It is very “interactive” with its sleuthing, as they say today.

Nelson has each character’s voice, and even the same species of Martians are as distinctive as the characters in your favorite episodic TV drama. Wonderful characterizations amid discoveries, betrayals and murder most foul.

Rafael Lanhellas does a fantastic job with the art, and it is truly a feast for the mind and eye. The techniques used by the artist – from panel arrangement to body design – carry Nelson’s story fluidly and it is a great combination to behold.

Carter may be the ultimate winner at the end of this arc, but in #29 the readers are the winners as this penultimate episode winds towards a climax.