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Advanced Review: The Walking Dead #103

Posted By: chrisb
Tue, 10/16/2012 - 15:00

With all the hype AMC is getting with the fantastic television version of The Walking Dead, let's not forget that this phenomenon began as "the little comic that could!" The heart and soul that exudes from the characters, started in twenty-two pages of black and white perfection! Issue #103 continues to prove that this "zombie" book is one of the best comics ever created!

Rick has a plan, a plan that he cannot let anyone know. A plan that will alienate him from the people he calls friends, and more importantly, from Carl. But he must not let that hinder his decision. If he wants his people to survive, they must truly fear what is to come!

Outstanding is a word that is all too often used to describe Robert Kirkman's finest book. But, it is the exact word that falls from your lips as you read this issue. The pacing drives you forward into one of the most distressing issues to date. It is completely unnerving as Negan walks the hallowed halls of Rick's community, with swagger and a venomous grin he changes the entire outlook of the series. Kirkman creates an atmosphere thick with agitation, so much so, that you dare not turn the page in lieu of tempting the fates! 

This series does one thing better than any book out there -- makes you fearful for the characters! Not enough praise can be bestowed upon Kirkman for his creation of an emotional tether between reader and character. It truly is astounding!

So, does Negan and his trusty bat,"Lucille," get to taste blood again? I won't spoil it for you, but I will say this -- Negan's not the only one who gets to hold good ol' "Lucille!"