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Advanced Review: The Walking Dead #102

Posted By: chrisb
Tue, 09/18/2012 - 14:53

After the deaths of Glenn and Abraham, there has been a lull in action, but a real focus on how the characters develop from here. Kirkman has dialed the brutality back to a minimum, giving ample time to see exactly how Rick and crew choose to deal with their new world dynamic. A world that is now more dangerous than ever before, a world that must deal with — Neegan!

Though we all love the insane twists and turns that Kirkman does so well, it is the "quieter" times when his writing skills really shine. The introspective stories of these hardened individuals, are truly what makes this book stand out more than anything else on the stands today. And with issue #102, we get more of the same.

Touching upon every major character, Kirkman reveals Rick's new strategy for survival and the reactions to it. This is the book where everything truly changes! The group's function, their outlook and eventually, a shift in their core dynamic; sets the stage for something we have never seen before. Loyalties change, relationships become strained, secrets are sworn and Rick puts himself in the cross hairs for the good of the group. But does the group need him to be there to begin with?

Well executed and thoughtfully expressed, Kirkman is the best at deepening the emotional bond between characters and the readers! He makes it so easy to get lost in their world and even easier to care about them. Fans of The Walking Dead television show, will undoubtedly recognize some of the same plot threads from Season Two in this book. And even though you may feel a slight sense of deja vu, it is comforting to see some aspects of the different genres meld into great stories for both avenues. Plus, it will make it easier to become a fan of the comic if you haven't already! But, who am I kidding? Who isn't a fan already!