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Advanced Review: Uncanny X-Men #15

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 07/03/2012 - 18:46

This week, writer Kieron Gillen brings the many threads of his Mr. Sinister story to the forefront and shocks the X-world with what the Claremont-created villain has to say about modern times.

If you have been following this book even before the AvX event, you will be very pleased with the direction in which Gillen is headed. And it definitely makes Uncanny X-Men the franchise book of this side of the Marvel U.!

Complex stories have always been the norm in X-Men, but Gillen is going out of his way to put his mark on UNX before the Powers That Be come through with -- well, with whatever is coming after AvX.

A favorite of mine for his work on Avengers, Daniel Acuna offers the complete package here for art: interesting and imaginative panel layouts, emotional facial expressions and an art that seems to carry and complement Gillen’s script to a “tee.” This team was made for each other, and I would like to see it stay in some form somewhere, please?

Again, great work by everybody in reminding folks that Uncanny X-Men is not just another cog in the scheme of things.