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Advanced Review: Uncanny X-Men #14

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 06/19/2012 - 16:14

Hope’s role in Avengers vs. X-Men has taken a surprising twist! Now she is on the run for her life but can the time-traveling redhead outrun her own fate? And what is that fate?

Boy, this is one side-story to AvX that is not just lying around there as Keiron Gillen reminds us of why we pick up this franchise book in the first place.

Shades of Chris Claremont!

This tidy, taunt tale of the Merry Mutants and their ongoing skirmish takes threads from Uncanny #3 (2011, of course) and starts spreading the news like NYC on a rainy day.

So what has Mr. Sinister, one of my favorite villains from three of my favorite X-storylines, been up to while all this in-fighting has been going on? Or rather, his sentience? I guess we should not have expected the villains to take a holiday, after all.

See what this classic X-Men enemy has up those musty gray sleeves as Cyke & Crew keep the home fires burning.

This is the type of story that I find Gillen does wonderfully, and the art of Dustin Weaver just carries this tale along with great emotion and fantastic power. You will give it a second read just to glom in all that art. Kudos to Jim Charalampidis on the excellent palette throughout.

Some of these side-stories can be dry as the proverbial Sahara, but this one is full of life and worth the extra coin. Believe me.