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Advanced Review: Threshold #2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 02/12/2013 - 18:32


Business picks up in "The Hunted" as we find out exactly how many of DC's more obscure space stars are involved in this cosmic game.

The newest entrant is Blue Beetle, whom workers of "The Hunted" series production call a "Reach warrior." Boy, are they disappointed when they discover Jaime is from Earth!

We also finally meet the much message board-discussed Captain K'Rot! And guess what? Seems he is an old friend of Caul, our disgraced and hunted Green Lantern. It also turns out that K'Rot and his parties are not hunt-ed but hunt-ers. And right now, K'Rot is using a "sleep-walking" Blue Beetle to hunt Caul.

Writer Keith Giffen in his cosmic wisdom gives us some behind-the-scenes shots with those who are hunted along with allies who could care less about the flarkin' game. They almost have a kind of Hogan's Heroes set-up here on Tolerance, even with the accompanying Giffen wit and humor.

Some of the most amusing pages in the story are when we, the readers, are actually "watching" the reality show. Quite amusing.

Not to say this is a humor book, far from it! These hunt groups like Crimson Thrust are dead serious about wanting Caul and his like dead. They want the bounty. They want the fame. They want the publicity.

Artist Tom Raney packs a lot of story into his pages, some of which have as many panels as the old 1960s comics where you really got your dime's worth, lol. But when called for, Raney delivers a smashing, detail-filled splash page!

In the backup, Giffen continues to have fun with Larfleeze, his ego and his greed. A great feature.

Threshold #2 rewards the readers who didn't exactly fancy the Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual. We have great cosmic adventure ahead, it seems, and some new takes on beloved space characters as well. Great book!