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Advanced Review: Thor, God of Thunder #3

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 12/18/2012 - 17:56


Hang on tight as scribe Jason Aaron’s whirlwind rollercoaster through the world of Thor, God of Thunder continues. Three Thors, no waiting! (Did I do that joke last time?)

Issue #3 of our Thunder God’s book employs all the versions of Thor, but mostly yesterday’s arrogant braggart (the blond with the axe) and today’s superhero (he even brings old buddy Iron Man on board to make sure Olympus and the other pantheons of Earth are safe). The common thread through the eternity these Thors occupy is the God Butcher, and from the Library of the Gods this issue (no library cards issued to mortals), Thor begins to travel and see how far-ranging Gorr’s butchery has been!

He also realizes that because he battled Gorr alone when he was a youth and did not get the job done, all the deaths since 893 AD are kind of his fault. But gods love nothing more than a cause for which to fight, and fight Thor does across the mythic lands – but it is only the Butcher’s ebony “dogs” that he is beating, nothing more, nothing less.

He also has encounters with gods along the way, alive and rotting, and sees the swath of destruction that is mounting, so a call to the All-Mother in Asgardia goes out from today’s Avenger.

The art here is neither Kirby nor Buscema, but really that is not a bad thing as I have never enjoyed these pages more. Artist Esad Ribic takes Aaron’s complex script of three Thunder Gods and turns in some of the most emotional faces, most brutal battles and most breathtaking vistas I have seen as a comic reader – and that, True Believer, is a long time!

Aaron shows us ironic moments in a Thor’s lifetime by suddenly juxtaposing them to a Thor we have met from another time, often (in fact, mostly) without a scene-change blurb. That is what makes this study of Thor’s history so fascinating. This is a book that, while great for new readers since it is only a #3, demands its audience to know something.

The jury is still out on how much I enjoy the three-Thor treatment in the long-haul, but the verdict is clear when it comes to the enjoyment of this book: Thor, God of Thunder, is one of the true jewels of Marvel NOW!