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Advanced Review: Suicide Squad #3

Posted By: chrisb
Tue, 11/08/2011 - 21:04

I have read every incarnation of Suicide Squad and Adam Glass' take is hands down -- the best version ever!

Some may say that this is just an action junkie book, filled with third tier characters that no one even cares about. But it is so much more than that! It is an intriguing espionage book, filled with both new and fan favorite characters, thrust into chaotic situations that may leave them dead at any moment! And although these characters are not "team players," the blossoming aspects of their team dynamic is quite astounding. 

Issue three sees our players from Task Force X trying to protect a baby that holds the cure to a "zombie" virus. Vigilantes babysitting is a rough enough task on it's own, but add in Mad Dog hunting you down while you do it -- nearly impossible! There is some down time as well, which gives us a chance to learn more about Diablo and Black Spider, two characters I knew nothing about prior to this book! Plus, Deadshot gets to see first hand what happens when you get a Harley all revved up. Believe me it's as exciting as it sounds! But the best part about the book is that it finally has a single artist! Cliff Richards gives the book a flow that was missing in previous issues, plus he draws one hell of a Harley!

Adam Glass formulates another great issue! And yes, this book is an adrenaline junkies wet dream! It is full of explosions, man eating sharks, bullets, ice cream, Daisy Dukes, smoke bombs and a body count! But it's just not the body count that matters. At least not to Adam Glass. Last month I got the chance to chat with Mr. Glass at the NYCC, and he had this to say about his version of Suicide Squad, "Of course there is going to be a big body count, this is Suicide Squad! But it's not about the amount of deaths or even who dies for that matter. It's more about the way these deaths occur. Are you going to go out in a blaze of glory or is the person sitting next to you, your teammate, going to put a bullet in your head? That's what makes this book so much fun to write, all the crazy things I get to do to them!"

And that is exactly why you should be reading this book -- it is crazy good! Plus, fans of the original Suicide Squad get to see someone we are all too familiar with, someone that just keeps "coming back!" And so should you each and every month!