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Advanced Review: Stormwatch #11

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 07/03/2012 - 18:30

Despite criticism to the contrary, writer Peter Milligan is bringing the Stormwatch team further along into the DCU by focusing on great cosmic stories, fresh character concepts and the mission of the team: safeguard Earth from cosmic threats.

In Stormwatch #11, which boasts a gorgeous cover of the SW leader by Scott Clark, Dave Beaty and Pete Pantasiz, Engineer stands alone (well, not quite, but she does dominate the issue) against the mysterious “hidden people” who may just turn out to be the real-life “others” of this planet, the Neanderthals.

Their secret and its possible connection to Earth’s future – and Stormwatch’s mission -- makes for some entertaining reading as Milligan continues to keep us on our seats with old-school storytelling and new age characterization. What more could you want?

The art is quite striking in this ish, too, both from Ignacio Galero and Eduardo Pansica. While all the gang are the same, the beginning Neanderthal pages are quite powerful and rugged, giving the beginning of the book just the right vibe.

This certainly is a breakshift issue for the leader of Stormwatch, and we are anxious to see more of this team in just these kinds of adventures. (I would be great if they could bleed a little into the coming Third Army Green Lantern storyline as well, since both are cosmic. Any takers?)

Thanks to all for another great issue!