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Advanced Review: Planet of the Apes Special #1

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Mon, 02/11/2013 - 09:12


A decade of uprising. An unsettling peace. But over all, one memory remains in this society of apes and humans: the long-ago death of the Lawgiver, the ape that wanted peace and equality for simian and human alike.

His granddaughters, ape and adopted human, went to war and now the former Voice Alaya is imprisoned and awaiting sentence -- guess what it might be? -- while the mighty Sullivan raises an army of humans and apes alike.

Perhaps the great Khan has other plans ... but apparently they are not the same as those of the Golden gorilla's spouse.

Betrayal, love, hatred, history and a coming threat no one could ever suspect amidst the battles. Against this background does writer Daryl Gregory return to the Planet of the Apes with this Special, one that follows up on his excellent comics series which itself was true to its parent films.

As was true of the comic, Gregory brings to these characters ape and human alike a richness and naturalness that lends itself to this dusty world of "damn dirty apes."

Reflecting Gregory's great adventurous script is the wonderfully expressive art of Diego Barreto and the color palette of Darrin Moore. Just excellent facial expressions, action, texture and tone by the art team.

For once, thanks to BOOM, we have a sci-fi book that lives up to its title, "Special." It certainly is special, and a recommended read.