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Advanced Review: Lords of Mars #6 (of 6)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 01/07/2014 - 14:08

Arvid Nelson’s gripping Burroughs team-up of Tarzan and John Carter in Lords of Mars comes to its exciting conclusion Wednesday, and as a reader I have had an excellent time.

Nelson had a big job in bringing the characters together while staying true to the mythos of both, and he did so successfully. I never thought it would work, but the Ape Man did well in a sci-fi atmosphere. Makes me want to see it more, actually.

Issue #6 brings things to a close as the escapees, Carter and Tarzan, battle against Jagati Khen, the Holy Father of the Therns, Carter’s long-time enemies. Khen has a secret weapon capable of mass destruction, but his son has befriended the Lord of the Jungle on the Red Planet and is having second thoughts about his father’s warped schemes.

Will the two Lords of Mars be able to trip up the Therns, and what will that mean for Tarzan’s wife, Jane, also on Mars courtesy of the Therns? Will a little child lead them, or be caught in the aftermath of destruction?

Nelson’s vivid handling of these characters and their worlds makes me believe he can write anything and stay true to its voice. And Roberto Castro’s vivid visions of the Red Planet and the humanoids who do battle are enthralling. Facial expressions add to the story and the panel arrangement makes Nelson’s tale flow easily along.

More mini-series should be like this. A fun read!