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Advanced Review: Lords of Mars #4 (of 6)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 11/05/2013 - 22:18

One is the Lord of the Jungle. The other, the legendary Warlord of Mars. Together, they are on a collision course of cosmic proportions as writer Arvid Nelson weaves a modern canvas for these pulp giants that just might lead to the destruction of two worlds.

It has been exciting to watch these two diverse worlds created by Edgar Rice Burroughs come together on the comic book page in this six-issue mini, and Nelson has not missed a beat in bringing the lush elements of both characters’ environs alive with a wondrously cosmic Barsoom and a fertile jungle courtesy of the brilliant art of Roberto Castro and the deep (but not overpowering) hues of Alex Guimaraes.

While at some points it may seem characters are interchangeable, Nelson keeps the story on a steady pace and hardly relaxes as the action goes hot and heavy. Castro has shown himself adept at depicting both slam-bang galactic action biz as well as facial expressions and body movement to carry the plot. And Jane …!

Tarzan has found himself among the Therns and thus set himself on an opposing course than John Carter. But the Therns are about to say hello to the Warlord of Mars, and this will bring Carter and the Ape-Man head to head. Meanwhile, Jane seeks to prove the treachery of Tarzan’s otherworldly allies and bites off a bit more than she can chew.

Nelson’s mixing of these two mythologies has been nothing short of enticing, showing the scribe’s ability to work within the parameters of Burroughs while still churning out one great modern fable.

Warlords of Mars #4 is just the latest testimony to the greatness of these two pulp properties, and Nelson and Castro prove themselves a team able to handle almost any type of action!