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Review: Hypernaturals #2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 08/01/2012 - 14:51

Cosmic scribes Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning continue their universe-creating for BOOM! Studios with Hypernaturals #2, and the story picks up bits and pieces dropped over the previous two outings and expands on the characters, both noobies and veterans.

In the flashback sequence, our speedster Creena Hersh and our “Wolverine” character, Clone 45, share their first adventure together, and the first sparks of love they will later enjoy as man and wife.

Speed forward to the “present” and Creena and vet Thinkwell try to make sense of the monstrous scene that was once a populated area as they teach two noobies, a new Halfshell and Shoal, in a baptism of fire. Each one shows their strengths and weaknesses, and this later leads to larger trouble for both back at Hypernaturals HQ.

Only one survivor from the Centennial Iteration, Ego, is discovered by the ragtag team, and so veterans we have already met are summoned, each to face their own selves as heroes again -- and what that heroism cost them personally.

There are still mysteries here and cosmic wonder abounds. But little by little, we are getting to know this new universe of DnA and isn’t that the best way to do it?

Brad Walker and Tom Derenick seamlessly present this adventure, and as usual the art is just as good as the story and only strengthens the building toward the future DnA are doing here. Kudos to Stephen Downer for a great palate of colors this time around.

I know some would have loved DnA to take the easy way out: Origin, origin ramifications, adventure. But as a reader, their present path is so much more enjoyable.

Q-munication ended.