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Advanced Review: The Hypernaturals #1

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sun, 06/24/2012 - 12:54

Cosmic Book News fan favorite scribes Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy) have done it again!

And a week early!

Set for release in July, BOOM! Studios’ Hypernaturals #1 hits LCSs this week and, even if you did not see DnA’s Free Comic Book Day effort, any sci-fi/cosmic superhero fan should be able to latch right on and have a thrilling ride nonetheless.

Teamed with artists Brad Walker (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Andres Guinaldo (Resurrection Man), DnA get to sling off their Marvel Comics and DC shackles and decades of continuity to bring us the story of their own cosmic creations, The Hypernaturals.


While we do not know much yet about this future world, there are already intriguing threads being dropped in DnA fashion to set up future stories. A thanks to BOOM! Studios for letting these great creators of cosmic fare loose to do what they do best: create!

The main adventure is set in the year 100 AQ, “but the exact date, in our terms, is deliberately being left vague,” DnA told me in an early spring interview.

“It’s the future, not far, but far enough,” DnA said. “There are actually some plot reasons for this, which we can’t gointo, but mainly it’s so we don’t lock down entirely and regret it later. The important thing is that when the Quantinuum began -- a singularity moment, human culture just changed overnight, and this future began. It’s not a future that evolved. It’s a future that turned up like a light.”

A new team of trained Hypernaturals, celebrating the 100th year of HN activity, go to investigate some wrongness in an important corner of their universe and -- well, all contact is lost and something terrible happens to at least one of this newbie HN brigade.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, retired Hypernaturals and those who were either rejected for the Centennial Year Iteration or planned for future iterations are being brought in to travel to where the first team was sent.

Along the way, as these are all human beings with hyper powers, we find out about deaths, shattered marriages, shattered lives and betrayals. There is more than enough space adventure and soap opera to keep any comics reader happy.

And we also see hints of a big-bad and his WMD which this team or another may have to face in the future -- and the future may be now!

The art by co-creator Walker and Guinaldo is superb: Sharp lines and crisp details introduce new characters and ones we met on FCBD. The colors are vivid, superhero colors, not the dull and dusty shadings used to a degree to realize BOOM’s other sci-fi gem, Planet of the Apes. Kudos to the palette of Stephen Downer on this initial issue.


Walkeris having a ball, he told me earlier this spring.


“When I stepped into this, Dan and Andy had a story they wanted to tell with characters in mind, and my contribution was to come in and brainstorm, visually,” Walkersaid. “I tried to take their ideas and not just translate them, but spin them in some other directions too, and maybe see if 
anything I put on paper inspired them into areas they hadn't thought of before. I tried to think in terms of personality, not just costumes and muscles, and I think those were the elements that really clicked for all of us, and started to flesh things out.”


All the excitement is contained within the covers of DnA’s initial issue of Hypernaturals. So while DC is building a world and Marvel lampoons its own cosmic characters, DnA and Team are at BOOM! building -- a universe.


And doing what they do best: create!