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Advanced Review: Hulk #55

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 07/03/2012 - 19:07

I dunno.

I am trying to get into it and I am certainly a huge fan of Jeff Parker, but I just cannot see where the writer is headed with this. Or maybe or correctly, I cannot bring myself to be interested in where this is headed.

Since the Chaos War fiasco, as we here at CBN call it, gods, gods and more gods seem to be traipsing around Midgard instead of their own shrines. That can be a good thing if handled well (thank you, Roy Thomas and Matt Fraction), but this trek with ol’ Thunderbolt seems like it is just playing itself out to explore the Mayan gods which raised their heads in another Parker story (which one I cannot recall).

So as the hands of some Doomsday Clock races towards Mayan Rule of the Marvel U. (now where have we heard similar before?), the Avengers of all folk are back on the case. Aren’t they busy enough in AvX?

I did worry when I saw one of my perennial faves, Rick Jones (aka A-Bomb) fall amidst the battle. I will just leave that alone for your perusal of the issue.

Great art by Dale Eaglesham as always, but great art does not a great story make, and this adventure is falling flatter than the ol’ General’s feet. Sorry.