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Advanced Review: Helheim #1 (Oni Press)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 02/19/2013 - 14:49


While I knew that Cullen Bunn could write tales of Norse swashbuckling from his handling of Valkyrie at Marvel and tales of suspense from his Oni supernatural western, The Sixth Gun, what came to me as a surprise in Helheim #1 is the manner in which he can combine the mythic with the tremendously – and I mean tremendously – horrific to tell the story of his focus character, Rickard.

The youth is a member of a Viking warrior troop trying to protect their village from a pack of unknown savages, savages that, as they are beaten, begin to arise as they become the walking dead. And apparently the fighting dead!

Rikard has seen the image of his own death. His warrior father Kirk tries to tell the boy of a mysterious betrayal by Rikard’s wife, but this does not prevent the young Viking from getting his head lopped off in swordplay.

Is this the end of Rikard’s saga before it even begins?

Nope, the cunning Bunn guides Rikard’s corpse through action fast and furious, but it is not only a story of battling zombies. Bunn’s is also a tale of betrayal and loss and corruption. It’s violent and savage, but it also has a heart.

Keeping pace with this script is fan fave artist Joelle Jones, whose art of the mystic and the epic has certainly been well displayed in this book. Her hand has learned well from experiences on DC’s Madame Xanadu and Fables. In Helheim, her pen shines as no where else!

A rollicking good adventure with horrific overtones and a hero that is literally to die for, Helheim is a great addition to Bunn’s incredible prolific output and a book you need to buy!

Helheim #1 hits shelves in March!