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Advanced Review: Grifter #10

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 06/12/2012 - 15:32

Rob Liefeld continues his exceptional work on transforming Grifter from a back-of-the-pack New 52 step-child into one of the most mysterious and (hopefully) cosmic books on the DC roster.

In #10, our refurbished hero faces off against the power of the alien Daemonites. Only this time, he will not be alone as Deathblow and Cheshireare at his side.

Through the romp and roar of the action, Liefeld – who plots the comic and co-scripts with Frank Tieri – demonstrates that he has immediately learned this character’s voice and knows what has been needed in the pale and puny scripts of the past: some razzle-dazzle and slam-bang action in the mighty Liefeld style!

Bringing the script seamlessly to the page are Scott Clark and Dave Beaty. Of course, everyone wishes Liefeld had time to draw each and every book he works on, but Clarkand Beaty do a yeoman’s job in delivering the slam-bang and also the emotion as Grifter faces the threat of his life head-on.

When the Third Wave of the New 52 washes through hereabouts, I was more than afraid that this title would be one washed out to sea. But with the Grifter’s new role coming Team 7, a supposedly important book about the heart of the new DCU, and Liefeld taking the point in his own title, looks like our con artist may be around for another 10 issues -- or more!