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Advanced Review: Green Lantern Corps#3

Posted By: chrisb
Thu, 11/17/2011 - 00:10

The Corps has their back against the wall, broken, beaten and excepting of their fate. This could be the end of the Corps "honor guard," and the cover says it all -- "Beware the Ring Slayers!"

Tomasi gives new meaning to the phrase "action-packed!" From start to finish, we are continually assaulted by scenes of chaos and destruction, leaving our heroes on the brink of oblivion. With enemies that seem immune to the Lanterns power of will, there is little that can be done to stave off the inevitable. But there just may be one Lantern that can change the tide of war -- but at what price?

Fast paced, chaotic and completely fun, this book is reminiscent of all those classic GL adventure stories that we grew up with as kids! Heroes pinned down, the calvary on the way and an ending that grabs you by the throat; Tomasi and crew keep you yearning for next month's cataclysmic conclusion! Tomasi has created great villains that can finally stand toe to toe with the Lanterns, and overwhelm them with not only sheer numbers but the force of will as well!  

One can only ponder if these "Ring Slayers" are the "third" choice that the Guardians made comment of in the regular Green Lantern book. Whether they are or not, the Corps is in for one hell of a fire fight -- and I can't wait to see what Tomasi has in store for the future!