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Advanced Review: Green Lantern #18

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 03/05/2013 - 19:26

Writer Geoff Johns continues his myth-making saga as his run on Green Lantern comes to a close. 

But wow, what a way to go out!

In #18, while the First Lantern continues his bizarre experiments in our universe, in the Dead Zone Hal 

Jordan and new arrival Simon Baz try to put together what's-what and formulate a plan for the: pair to return to Earth.

The late Tomar-Re acts as the voice of the millions and millions that continue to flood the Dead Zone, thanks to the Third Army, while Sinestro continues to be his clever but irksome self.

It is Jordan who notes Baz cannot be dead like the rest of them since he still has his ring, and as a battle for the weapon begins Baz makes it clear to Sinestro why it is he packs a gun... in no uncertain terms!

Thanks to the actions of an alien chipmunk, Simon begins to be drawn back to our world. Meanwhile his ring goes crazy in the Dead Zone, finally choosing Sinestro over Hal...  thanks to a sly trick of the former.

Hal is left in the Dead Zone and develops a plan that just may allow him to use the ring of new arrival Black Hand, a plan that may lead to the true death of Hal Jordan.

The art is of a very spooky variety this time around, and the Dead Zone never looked better than by Szymon Kudranski, Ardian Syaf and Mark Irwin. A great job all around on a most unusual issue.

I will be sorry to see Johns leave this great mythos he added so much to, but I am also antsy for Hal Jordanto return to our world and to see how the saga of the First Lantern will end.

GL #18 is a truly cosmic journey and a great reading experience.