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Advanced Review: Green Lantern #16

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 01/22/2013 - 17:55


Some learn from Sinestro. Some learn from Kilowog. Our hero, the new Green Lantern Simon Baz, is learning to be a Green Lantern … from a squirrel.

And it works!

So deep is the mythos in Green Lantern and so beloved is B’dg, the chipmunk-like Green Lantern of Space Sector 1014, that it is absolutely logical that some abnormal form of life would be Baz’s first introduction to Lantern-dom. Hal, after all, had the humanoid birdman Tomar-Re (more on that later!).

During Simon’s attempts to unlock that message that has been buzzing about in his ring – really two messages intertwined, one from Hal, one from Thal – B’dg teaches him the meaning of his lantern and its harnessing of will power across the DCU, the importance of keeping his ring charged, the pocket universe every ring-slinger has for his lantern, and that squirrels on Earth apparently do talk!

All through this, in the back of Simon’s mind, is his comatose brother-in-law and the guilt he carries for that situation. Before heading into space with B’dg, before rescuing a troubled Guy Gardner (what other kind is there?), Simon uses the ring and his will in an attempt to heal his brother-in-law.

B’dg pleads with Baz that the ring does not work this way: it cannot heal in this fashion, it cannot raise the dead. Still, Simon battles on, and … well, that would be telling. Suffice it to say Baz and B’dg head for Guy’s rescue with smiles on their faces and the reader has a tear or two in their eye (I did).

Meanwhile, in the Dead Zone, who should that mysterious personage facing Hal and Sinestro be but … the deceased but very animated humanoid birdman Tomar-Re! It seems the Dead are as much in objection to the coming of the First Lantern as Hal and Thal are.

Geoff Johns outdoes himself in one of those odd cosmic sagas that does indeed take place on Earth. As usual, the art by Doug Mahnke and his Greek chorus of inkers and colorists delivers the prettiest book on the shelves this week, all while telling an Earth-centric story in cosmic terms, not an easy thing to do (as we have seen in another Universe).

Hop on board “Rise of the Third Army” here so when the First Lantern returns, you will have your ring charged and ready to go!