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Advanced Review: Green Lantern #15

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 12/18/2012 - 19:15


The saga of Simon Baz continues, the inhumanly ugly Third Army finally arrives in Michigan, Hal and Sinestro find out they are actually deceased, and the dramatic return of B’dg the Flying Squirrel!

Writer Geoff Johns insists on having us get our fill of “Rise of the Third Army” from the other Lantern books -- and a fine job most are doing, especially New Guardians – while for the nonce we reading Green Lantern are basically sticking with Baz as he works his way up from suspected terrorist to JLA member, I assume.

Baz certainly does have some close calls here, but none like you would think. The closest cosmic one is with B’dg, the Green Lantern (squirrel) of Space Sector 1014 who is searching for Hal with news, probably of the Guardians’ spread of the Third Army.

We also have a vignette with Hal and Thaal as they continue to make their way around in the dark following the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come from A Christmas Carol. Leave it to these two geniuses to finally figure out they are in Death’s Garden as of now, not in Black Hand’s ring.

Meanwhile, the other Lanterns of the cosmos are very much aware of the spreading Third Army, but the ghoulies seem to be getting weaker as their influence spreads across the universe. This causes the Smurfs to summon even more power from the long-suffering First Lantern, who is no fan of the Guardians to start out. This can only lead to some type of confrontation down the line.

Doug Mahnke and his chorus of inkers still turn out the prettiest book on the stands, with major kudos toward that goal also going to colorist Alex Sinclair. It ain't easy being all-green.

I love Baz as a character but I buy Green Lantern for Hal, not Sinestro and not Baz. Can we bring our old pal Hal back into his own title so that I can enjoy these cosmic capers again more easily?

Let’s say it all together: Bring back Hal!