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Advanced Review: Green Lantern #12

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 08/14/2012 - 17:46

For those who thought the color of the aliens who killed our universe would be green, who knew they would be little men but blue in hue -- and that our protectors would be of an emerald nature? That is, if any are left after the Rise of the Third Army.

From hints dropped precariously along the way before and after the coming of the New 52, Geoff Johns’ Third Army and the eventual arrival of the First Lantern continue to create this mythos within the DCU that is part pure sci-fi/part Tolkien in nature – especially those trips through the forests of Nok, eh?

But those trips are done, at least for Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Sinestro. And if you are watching the solicits, it seems that after the Black Hand drama is straightened out in the Green Lantern Annual – and it still has miles to go before the prophecy of the Book of the Black comes about (Hal Jordan the best BLACK Lantern??), Issue #0 and those that follow seem to tilt the axis on its side as this book Jordan was just reclaiming again comes under the reign instead of Baz, the unknown quantity we first saw in the New 52 Free Comic Book Day offering.

Hmmm --

Well, it seems that by November even the remaining members of the Justice League are wondering where Hal is and what has become of that terran GL. Johns said Hal was headed down a horrific path – whether he is with or without is buddy cop Sinestro is as yet unknown – but dollars to doughnuts it will have something to do with -- the Yellow Lantern and what it did or did not do to Jordan.

As for Sinestro, he is in a good place right now for an anti-hero, and I hope all this momentum will not be wasted by the coming of Baz, whoever he is. What Johns has worked this hard to build, I am sure he would not destroy so willingly. However, I also know the DC Powers That Be are expecting big bucks from the Third Army storyline raging through this book and the three other Lantern titles, as well as the 2013 Trinity War, in which Baz is also involved (again, according to the FCBD outing by Johns himself).

Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Universe have stepped clearly into the villain camp, even by the admission of Amon Sur on the world of Nok. Where this brain game with Ganthet will go is anyone’s guess, but I am hoping Saint Walker’s kin and the Indigos “smash puny blue men” like another hulking jade being in another universe.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave --” But I do not think master cosmic scribe Geoff Johns is about to deceive us. No, this in Green Lantern #12, the Annual and onward are just the fruition of seeds already planted in the constantly-growing mythos that is the world of Green Lantern.

Read with confidence and with wonder!