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Advanced Review: Green Arrow #17

Posted By: chrisb
Tue, 02/05/2013 - 21:08

Jeff Lemire wastes no time turning a faltering book on it's ear, creating a fresh and visually stunning book that will get fans raving about the "Emerald Archer" again!

Let's not pull any punches, Green Arrow has been a book that has failed to hit its mark from the initial issue under the leadership of J.T. Krull. And the recent issues by Ann Nocenti, haven't been able to truly find the "voice" of Oliver Queen, either. Overall, the New 52 version of Green Arrow - as both a character and a book - has been less of a thrill ride and more of a slow descent into obscurity for fans.

Today, all of that changes!

Fan favorite, Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Justice League Dark, Sweet Tooth), has taken over the reins and has set the world of Oliver Queen ablaze. Literally! There are going to be some drastic changes in the setting, tone and most importantly -- the characters of this book. Everything you knew before will be burned away and what is left, is a character that has been broken down to his core elements. He has become, again, a character that must learn to survive with absolutely nothing; there will be no quarter given -- he must prove his worthiness on his own!

As fresh and exciting as Jeff Lemire's tale is, the artistic talent of Andrea Sorrentino (I, Vampire) raises it to an entirely other level! There is an unmistakable realism in Sorrentino's art that solidifies this tale with a more "urban" feel. The spectacle of the brightly colored super hero has been replaced with a darker tone that matches Lemire's "breaking of a hero" tale perfectly. It is rich and moody, creating a feeling of an underlying dread that is awaiting Oliver around every corner. It is a visual masterpiece that will stun fans optic nerves as much as Lemire's tale will rock them emotionally!

Lemire and Sorrentino burn away the last sixteen issues of a mediocre series and leave it in ashes. But what emerges from the minds of this extremely talented duo will catapult this series back into the spotlight for 2013! You owe it to yourself to reexamine Green Arrow, it's a bullseye