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Advanced Review: The First X-Men #1

Posted By: chrisb
Tue, 07/31/2012 - 22:43

When I heard that the legendary Neal Adams was pitching an idea he had for an X-Men tale, I was quite excited. When I heard the idea, the excitement began to wane. As I read the book, my excitement dwindled even further.

The overall execution of the story is just not dramatic enough to capture the reader's attention. We are thrust into a tale that portrays Wolverine as the self proclaimed "savior" of all mutants. He gathers a group to battle those who intend to harm them and — off we go! There is no drive to the story, there is nothing to make the reader feel vested in the tale whatsoever — except the fact that we will buy anything if Wolverine is attached to it! Yes, there are nods to X history within the book, and there are new characters introduced - Holo is done exceptionally well, but there just isn't enough to warrant me to purchase the next issue. 

Mr. Adams art is as skillful as ever and it was a true pleasure to gaze upon his renderings again. But unfortunately, I need more than a legendary name and a flash bang story to make me shell out four dollars. There needs to be substance, a structure, a hook — something, that can drive some excitement for the reader. Otherwise, readers will look elsewhere for those books that can make them feel something more — regardless of the talent that is attached to the project.

If you want to read about the "first" X-Men team, buy an X-Men Archives hardcover and see what Stan created. The rest is second best!