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Advanced Review: Earth 2 #3

Posted By: chrisb
Tue, 07/03/2012 - 22:48

The most controversial DC book to date,  Earth 2, continues this week, and I am over joyed with the story that James Robinson unfolds before us!

Creating a completely new vision for some of the oldest characters in the DC Universe has to be an undaunting task. Anyone would be overwhelmed by the sheer thought of it, but James Robinson has truly created something special within the pages of this book. He has brought a level of excitement to these characters again, a "golden age" quality to a "modern day" book. 

We see the creation of the "first" Green Lantern for the very first time, and it is a wonderful amalgam of the original tale with fresh sensibilities! The tale is engaging and fast paced, hitting on all the major characters while adding something new as well. There is a deeper sense of these heroes being connected by unforeseen forces, something that heightens the level of intrigue while building the "team" mentality of the book. But there is something else at play here, something sinister and unnerving that slowly seeps into the world of Earth 2. A familiar villain that has been transformed into a pure force of nature, something that can rival life itself!

Highly engaging, with phenomenal art by Nicola Scott, Earth 2 #3 is a book no DC fan should miss! It is a window into the past and a reminder of how fun and intriguing "super hero" books can be!