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Advanced Review: Bloodshot #6

Posted By: chrisb
Mon, 12/10/2012 - 13:38

For all of the Bloodshot fans out there, we all know that there are BIG changes coming for our abused "anti-hero." But what exactly are those changes going to be? By the final page you will know and you will be completely blown away!

This issue sees Bloodshot continue to storm Project Rising Spirit in search of his "stolen" memories, but what awaits him is a bevy of grotesque assassins known collectively as -- CHAINSAW! 

Riddled with bullets, blood and mayhem, Bloodshot #6 is an action packed barrage to the senses that won't let up until you are gasping for breath! It is a rigorous journey alongside a character that is not just a one dimensional killing machine, but rather, a complex "anti-hero" that strives to retain the humanity he once had in the face of horrors that never stop. At its core, it is an expose' about the human condition and how all we truly need in life to be happy is to matter to someone. To be excepted and loved for who we are and how bitterly we will fight to get back that sense of "home" once it has been stripped away from us. It is an idea that is sometimes lost under the layers of blood and discord that is ever present in the pages of this book, but it is always there driving this series ever forward.

But, don't get me wrong -- there is plenty of action, surprises and revelations in this issue to more than whet your appetite for all things that go boom! Would the series really be called Bloodshot if Duane Swierczynski wasn't going to continually assault your senses with more action than a "summer blockbuster" movie? I think not!

So, lace up your boots, check your supplies and put on a poncho -- this one's going to be messy! The battle against Project Rising Spirit and their horrific creations named CHAINSAW, has begun. The fight for one man's humanity continues, but he just might lose what little he had left in order to get there. After this -- everything changes!