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Advanced Review: Batman and Robin #10

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 06/12/2012 - 18:12

Red, Red Robin --

Ever wonder what would happen if you called a meeting of all the Robins in the DCU? Who would show up? Who would not show up? And where would the sly and sinister Red Hood wind up?

Wonder no more, because Batman and Robin #10 answers those questions and more as Peter J. Tomasi weaves a wonderful story of friendship, betrayal, secrets learned and secrets kept in this opus surrounding Terminus.

Spoilers? Just a peak: Red Robin learns of Damian’s betrayal (shades of mama!) as a fun slew of “Gotham’s Most Wanted” unite together to bring about Bats’ downfall. Even John Walsh would be helpless in this case!

Tomasi is so good on a book that is difficult to write because of its placement in the Batman lineup. Equally there for the cause are artists Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray who create such a great mood right from the beginning panels. Kudos also to the mood-inspired colors of John Kalisz who carries the tone of the story well from panel to panel.

As I said, it is a difficult book to write, but this team does it right.