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Advanced Review: Batman #10

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 06/12/2012 - 15:54

They invaded Wayne Manor -- and the Batcave! Now the Dark Knight, with the learning of one deadly secret, takes the fight to the Court of Owls.

And as he does it, Batman – and we – learn who has been pulling the puppet strings on the deadly Talons for the past few months!

To say that I am dazzled by the Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo rendition of Batman would be an understatement. This book is just so right on so many levels. If it wasn’t, a new reader (like myself) could not have come into the middle of this “event” and still found enough of a familiarity to pull up a stool and enjoy the action and suspense.

Every nuance of mystery literally drips from the page, in no small thanks to Capullo and Jonathan Glapion’s wonderful art. Kudos also to the marvelous palette of FCO Plascencia which keeps the emotions and action sharp while blurring the misty and mysterious with just the right hue.

This is a seminal issue not only to this tale but to the legend of Batman and I am happy to be along for the ride. The writing is crisp and the art carrying its weight entirely as the book flashes along all too quickly.

I cannot wait to continue the adventure with Batman and this creative team!