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Advanced Review: Avengers #3

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 01/22/2013 - 18:39


I was hoping for a grand cosmic conclusion to Jonathan Hickman’s first arc (mini-arc?) as scribe of this expanded Avengers team book, and truth to tell it reads beautifully and ties in text-wise with itself very well.

That will probably be more appreciated in the trades, though, and I am an issue-a-month (two weeks?) reader of the old school, and on that ground Avengers #3 was lacking, left me feeling needy for more.

Sure, the ending was cosmic – very cosmic – reminding me of the end of the original “Thanos War” starring Captain Marvel and the Avengers. But by the time Thanos said goodbye and the Cosmic Cube shattered, Jim Starlin had us loving and loathing Thanos a whole lot more than we do these beautifully-drawn but really unknown beings on Mars.

I mean, according to Captain Universe (and she outta know, I guess) El Nabisco, Abyss and the Transformer-dude do what they do because that is their nature. Ahh, the old “I am beyond you, I am Galactus” schtick, eh?

Having seen much of the advanced material to come (covers and even pages up to #10), we know this is all going to be connected and I cannot wait to see these various adventurers on teams unfamiliar with each other. That will be the true selling point. (Anyone notice we have a big problem in that we have two members, both being called “Sam” by their best buds, also on the team? Confusing in battle, perhaps?)

A lot of the characters – Thor, Cap, Hyperion, the new Smasher, Falcon, Sunspot and especially the new Captain Universe – got some nice moments here, which is what you want in this type of gang banger.

I withhold judgment on the whole because Hickman is one of my favorite writers and he definitely had those slllllooooow moments in Fantastic Four, but I cannot wait for something to boil over to know the pot on the burner is hot.

Avengers #3 as an issue just wasn’t there. Pretty as hell (kudos to artist Jerome Opena), but just not there.