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Advanced Review: Avengers #2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 12/18/2012 - 18:27


You can feel it. You can feel it growing, even as you read the comic book.

Avengers is headed for something big: maybe more things than one. And scribe Jonathan Hickman is utilizing his vaunted long-term planning to lure us in and into a passive state, perhaps, with early talking heads (albeit interesting ones) and time jumps (not in 616 reality, but in script like Jason Aaron in Thor, God of Thunder) only to blow our minds with cosmic goodness down the road.

We get more of my favorite couple this time around, Stark and Cap, and I am truly elated and intrigued at how their very different minds come to the same conclusions and mechanisms: Stark knows Cap, Cap knows Stark and both are still surprised at each other. As a long time reader (Merry Marvel Marching Society era), I love it!

We also get a bit of a glimpse at the Avengers we know and the Avengers we will get to know in Issue #2. My favorite scene is with Cap, Stark, Jessica and Carol. It went simply, and that is how it should be. While Stark’s choice of Banner still remains strange to me (outside the movie reality, that is), I do applaud it as well as those choices (Hyperion, Captain Universe, Smasher) where they are pushing the norm.

I am already looking to the team of Cannonball and Sunspot to bring a fresh perspective to the Old Guard. Bobby already won my heart this issue.

So as they go into space to confront our new villains, still I wonder if this has to do with Marvel’s New Universe and how much. I also wondered if it had anything to do with Ed Brubaker’s Mars adventures early in Secret Avengers, or am I being too much of an Ol’ Marvel continuity lover?

Jerome Opena’s art speaks for itself. I could not have picked a better writer/art team to open what will surely continue to be the flagship of the Marvel line.

I cannot wait to see Hickman’s long story, but I certainly am going to relish the road along the way and am especially interested in the small teams of Avengers we see from this grouping.

Avengers has hit its zenith, folks, and it is only going up from here!