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Advanced Review: Archer and Armstrong #2

Posted By: chrisb
Wed, 09/05/2012 - 00:09

Wonderfully written and stunningly drawn, Archer and Armstrong is at the pinnacle of Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry's careers! There is so much crammed inside this 32 page package, that it is only fitting it explodes from page one!

Fred Van Lente is one of the most underrated writers in comics today! He melds the mundane and the fantastic together so well, that the reader has no choice but to be completely engulfed in his tale. And what a tale it is!

Rife with modern sensibilities, conspiracies, historical references, action, intrigue and a comedic repertoire that could challenge any stand-up comic -- this is the book everyone should be clamoring for every Wednesday! Enthralling to say the least, the juxtaposition between the over the top Armstrong and the virgin assassin Archer -- is top notch! Nothing feels forced between the polar opposite heroes as Van Lente's skills as a writer take center stage again, creating a homey feel as we witness the characters battle wits and fists against one another. It's as if we were reading a book about the "original" Odd Couple, Oscar and Felix, but with way more bravado and way more bruises! 

The richness of the characters is what truly makes this book as amazing as it is. The social commentary and intricate conspiracy plot threads do nicely to raise the bar as well, but it is the focus on defining these characters that sets it apart from the "bigger" titles on the racks. 

As our summer slowly dwindles down, the "Summer of Valiant" continues to heat up -- so don't be left behind! Get in the shops and ask for some of the best books around -- Valiant books! You won't be disappointed!