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5 More Reasons Why Iron Man 3 Could Suck

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 10/23/2012 - 12:53


The past couple days saw lots of Iron Man 3 promotions hit the net.

From teaser trailers, to official image stills, to the first movie poster to a first look at Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, spoilers for the movie, and finally, the release of the first official trailer.

I'll be honest, watching the trailer, in addition to some of the recent news, I did see a few red flags.

Our previous "Top 5 Reasons Why Iron Man 3 Could Suck" article seemed to be popular with the readers of Cosmic Book News, so without further ado, here are five more.


5. A gazzillion Iron Man suits: We know there is the new Extemis armor (yuck!) and the Iron Patriot armor for sure. We've heard mention that Pepper Potts will don the "Rescue" armor, and then a stuntman let it be known that the movie will feature the rumored 40 Iron Man suits. This just screams "toys!" However, in their defense, the reason Transformers is getting rebooted is because sales on the toys have tanked recently. So there is that.

I also can't help thinking that -- Doctor Who did it first! The Cybermen have been assembling - and reassembling - for 40 years. We've already seen this! But wouldn't it be awesome if Tony Stark's Iron Man led to the creation of the Cybermen in the future? Now that would be cool!

4. Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin: Fans seem to be on the fence regarding the first official image of Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. Obviously -- he ain't Chinese! And this touches upon #4 from our previous article in that the Chinese are involved and are going to screw it all up just like they did the Red Dawn reboot! Wolverines! It ain't!

3. Christopher Nolan already did it: Watching the new trailer I couldn't help but thing of The Dark Knight Trilogy. I mean seriously; Tony Stark is shown a damaged man walking back in the snow dragging his suit. It's Batman, folks!


2. Tony Stark is one of us: I believe it's been said that with Iron Man 3 they are trying to bring Tony back down to earth so he is more relatable to the fans, and hinted upon as well with the new trailer. Well, guess what? He's Tony frickin' Stark - the billionaire playboy - he's not one of us! I don't need to relate to the guy -- I want to be the guy

1. Iron Man Air Force One President Chain: Set images and the stuntman revealed that there is going to be an accident with Air Force One. Well, Iron Man can't save everyone. Wait! He can! Iron Man apparently creates some kind of chain in the air that saves all the passengers. How? Well, the fat guy that took up two seats isn't going to be able to hang on for dear life, so Tony must be using some of the Extremis tech to cuff them to each other. As they all dangle in the air and are set gently down on the beach. Huh?!