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007 Rising: Top 10 Bond Girls Ever!

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 11/23/2011 - 15:39

With the announcement of a new James Bond film heading our way in 2012, Skyfall starring Daniel Craig in his third outing as 007, I thought I would list for your consideration my Top 10 all-time favorite Bond Girls. (It ain’t a Bond film without a Bond Girl!)

So sit back, have a martini (shaken, not stirred) and consider these 007 classics:


James Bond10. Major Anya Amasova (The Spy Who Loved Me):No James Bond fan can forget Barbara Bach in in her defining role as Agent Triple X, the KGB counterpart of 007 himself. Amasova vows to kill Bond after she discovers he killed her spy lover during a mission. But before that, of course, both get caught up in intrigue. “When this mission is over,” Triple X tells 007, “then I will kill you.”

007 ranking: ½ lip out of 5


James Bond9. Dr. Holly Goodhead (Moonraker):If it were not for Jaws, actress Lois Chiles would have stolen this science fiction film-oriented spoof as Holly Goodhead, a scientist who works at the research facility of foe Hugo Drax. Possibly the brainiest of the Bond Girls – she was an astronaut, a CIAagent and an astrophysicist. Wow, even my head hurts from those creds.

007 ranking: ½ lip


James Bond8. May Day (A View to a Kill):For awhile, Grace Jones took Hollywood by storm (speaking of which, during this same period the Marvel Comics X-Men elemental called Storm bore a great resemblance to the actress). Jones was one of the few real memorable things about this 007 clunker that saw Roger Moore getting a little long in the tooth, shall we say. His chase after May Day about the Eiffel Tower almost did our hero in!

007 ranking: 1 ½ lips


James Bond7. Elektra King (The World Is Not Enough):Sophie Marceau’s performance as Elektra King is a highlight of this very entertaining Bond entry. King was the daughter and heiress of oil tycoon Sir Robert King. The senior King is killed by terrorists while meeting with M at MI6 headquarters. M believes that the terrorists will attack Elektra next, so she sends Bond to protect her. Outstanding!

007 ranking: 1 ½ lips


James Bond6. Tanya Romanova (From Russia With Love): Daniela Bianchi, one of the earliest Bond Girls, is also one of the most memorable and endearing because of her dedication to Mother Russia. A corporal in the Soviet Army, she lures 007 to Istanbul using a Lektor decoding device as bait. She sneaks into Bond's hotel bedroom (and his bed!).

007 ranking: 2 lips


James Bond5. Honey Ryder (Dr. No):Ursula Andress as first Bond Girl Honey Ryder saw to it our favorite double-naught spy (thanks, Jethro!) got started off in style. Her entrance in the film, emerging from the ocean in a white bikini with two large sea shells, while the sun shines on her wet blonde hair, is considered a classic James Bond moment and is one of the most popular scenes in cinematic history.

007 ranking: 2 ½ lips


James Bond4. Jinx (Die Another Day):Giacinta "Jinx" Johnson, as portrayed by Halle Berry, was another memorable – and tough – Bond beauty.  She is an NSA agent who joins with Bond to spy on Zao and look into his ties with Gustav Graves. The scene where she emerges from the ocean in a bikini paid homage to the character of Honey Ryder from Dr. No. Despite the bikini and location of Cuba in the film, the footage of the water and bar scene was shot in Cadiz far from the warmth implied in the film! Brrr …

007 ranking: 2 ½ lips


James Bond3. Octopussy (Octopussy):The title character of the movie, portrayed with great enthusiasm by Maud Adams, is a jewel smuggler and circus owner who lives a life of luxury in a floating palace in India. Her father, Major Dexter Smythe, studied octopuses, hence her nickname: Octopussy. As a cover for her smuggling activities, Octopussy uses her circus, which is working with Kamal Khan to get a Faberge egg from General Orlov. Octopussy later has a change of heart (natch) and rescues Bond from a sticky wicket. One of my personal favorites!

007 ranking: 3 ½ lips


James Bond 2. Teresa Di Vicenzo (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service): The only Bond Girl to marry 007 in a film, played beautifully by the dangerous Avenger, Diana Rigg, Tracy is one of a kind. Born Teresa Draco in 1943, she is the only child of Marc-Ange Draco, the head of the Union Corse, a powerful international Mafia crime syndicate -- not quite as large as SPECTRE but with substantially larger "legal" operations, including Draco Construction. Teresa goes by "Tracy" because she feels "Teresa" does not suit her. (As she introduced herself to Bond: "Teresa is a saint; I'm known as Tracy.") Her demise in the film is tragic, and one few Bond fans have witnessed. Sad.

007 ranking: 4 ½ lips


james bond 1. Pussy Galore (Goldfinger):When one thinks of Bond Girls, one thinks of Pussy Galore. The moniker is controversial now; you can imagine what it was like for film makers back in the early 1960s! She is played with wit and sex appeal by Honor Blackman. Pussy is first seen after Bond wakes up in Goldfinger's private jet after previously having been knocked out with a tranquilizer gun by Goldfinger. Her stunning blonde-framed visage leaning over him being the first thing he sees as he lies on a couch regaining consciousness, the dialogue runs as follows:

Bond: Who are you?

Pussy: My name is Pussy Galore.

Bond: I must be dreaming.

007 ranking: 5 LIPS!


Sound off below and list your own 10 top fave Bond Girls. We wanna know what you think!