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Walking Dead Day Announced

Image/Skybound Entertainment is thrilled to reveal the first of many collectable items.

Jim Starlin Documentary Trailer Teaser

A documentary is in the works about Thanos creator Jim Starlin from Sleeping Giant.

Jim Starlin Documentary Trailer Teaser

A documentary is in the works about Thanos creator Jim Starlin from Sleeping Giant.

Comic Book Sales For April 2018

Check out the charts and info.

Jim Starlin Comes To Buffalo For FCBD

Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos, will be at Sleeping Giant Collectibles!

Marvel Comics Fantastic Four Trailer

The Fantastic Four prepares to make their return to the Marvel Universe.

Infinity Countdown #2 Review

Has some really horrid content and potential story that comes off really good.

Grant Morrison Rumored On Green Lantern

New DC Comics creators and titles rumored.

Death of The Inhumans Villain Revealed

Writer Donny Cates reveals art on Twitter.

Injustice vs He-Man Announced

DC super heroes and villain collide with the Power of Grayskull.

Dan Jurgens Taking On Green Lantern

Movies from a two year run on Superman Action Comics.

Image Comics Announces Outpost Zero

The smallest town in the universe.

Stan Lee Threatens To Sue The Ass Off Accusers

Stan Lee is fired up and releases a video blasting accusers.

Kevin Smith Responds To Stan Lee Troubles

Stan Lee is in need of a super hero, and Kevin Smith answers the call!

Stan Lee's Blood Was Stolen For Comics

A comic shop has been selling comics with Stan Lee's blood.

Comic Book Sales: March 2018

Diamond released their comic book sales for the month of March 2018 where Marvel Comics comes out on top with DC Comics at a close second.

Todd McFarlane Visited Stan Lee

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane visits Stan Lee, the 95-year-old creator of Spider-Man and Avengers, and posts about it on social media.

Thanos: The Infinity Siblings Only 99 Cents

​This week sees the release of Jim Starlin and Alan Davis' new Thanos: The Infinity Siblings original graphic novel, which is available both on digital and hard cover.

Ant-Man vs Hulkbuster Funko Short

It's Ant-Man taking on Hulkbuster Iron Man in a new Marvel Funko short with Ultron added to the mix.

Marvel Comics Announces Return of X-23

Laura Kinney drops the Wolverine name and returns to being X-23!

Marvel Reveals: Hunt For Wolverine

Reaching across space, time, and all that seems possible, a mystery surrounding the death and life of Wolverine begins to unravel.

Marvel Comics "Tony Stark: Iron Man" Concept Art

New Iron Man comic book from writer Dan Slott and artist Valerio Schiti.

Wolverine: The Long Night Now Available

A captivating hybrid of mystery and the larger-scale fantasy of the Marvel Universe featuring Wolverine.

DC Comics Bring Superman To SXSW

An exclusive conversation showcasing Superman’s enduring impact on popular culture.

Comic Book Sales For February 2018

DC Comics and pretty much neck and neck in terms of comic book sales for February.

DC Black Label Announced

DC Comics announces a new Black Label giving premier talent the opportunity to expand.

Infinity Countdown #1 Review

Is this an MCU tie-in to Avengers: Infinity War or a Marvel Comics comic book?

Marvel Announces Deadpool & Sentry

Deadpool and Sentry get new number one issues from Marvel Comics.