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Bruce Wayne Exists In Arrowverse

Matt McGloin
Posted: 10/18/2017 - 20:19
Arrow Batman

It's official!

Bruce Wayne exists in the Arrowverse!

A new clip for the next episode of Arrow Season 6 name-drops both Bruce Wayne and Gotham City!

Last episode saw Oliver Queen outed as Green Arrow, with a photo published, but in the following clip, Oliver Queen suggests photos can be doctored and says, "They could have put Bruce Wayne's head on that body. Has Bruce Wayne left Gotham to hang out in Star City, recently?"

Watch the preview below for more!

I wonder if there is any chance Bruce Wayne will shop up now on Arrow? Maybe Bruce Wayne pretends to be the Green Arrow in front of Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen to shoot down the notion that Ollie is really the Arrow? It could also mean Batman isn't far behind! Afterall, Superman did appear last season on Supergirl!

Watch Arrow this Thursday at 9pm ET with "Tribute" described as: “Oliver (Stephen Amell) tries to balance being the mayor, the Green Arrow and a father to William (guest star Jack Moore). Anatoly (guest star David Nykl) returns to Star City with a deadly agenda.”