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Batman Movie: Joe Manganiello Unsure About Deathstroke

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 03/20/2017 - 08:57

With Ben Affleck recently stepping down from directing the Batman movie and with rumors of a total script rewrite, it now appears as if Joe Manganiello and Deathstroke are not a sure thing.

While promoting Smurfs, Pittsuburg Today Live questions Joe Manganiello about playing Deathstroke in the Batman movie.

Joe Manganiello shrugs and throws his hands up in the air, "Um... Maybe. Well..."

The host then comments "hopefully" and "we'll see" with Manganiello replying, "Yeah. We'll see."

Just a couple of weeks ago saw Joe Manganiello offer that he was still involved with the Batman movie, but maybe with Matt Reeves coming on board to direct, everything could change.

In addition to a script rewrite for the Batman movie it has also been said filming may not begin to next year, which means the Batman movie could get released in 2019.

When Affleck was still attached to direct Batman, Deathstroke test footage was released.

It's possible if Joe Manganiello and Deathstroke are no longer a part of the Matt Reeves Batman movie that both could always be involved in the upcoming Nightwing film. Deathstoke is a character that is closely attached to Nightwing and the Teen Titans.