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Barnstormers! Graphic Novel Comes To Kickstarter This April

Barnstormers! Graphic Novel Comes To Kickstarter This April

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Wed, 03/29/2017 - 11:44
Barnstormers! Graphic Novel Comes To Kickstarter This April

Check out details on a new graphic novel project coming to Kickstarter next month with Barnstormers!

The project is from Kenny Porter who actually wrote for Cosmic Book News back in the day and also has work published with Top Cow.

Congrats, Kenny! Looks great!


High-flying comic book action comes to Kickstarter this April!

Kenny Porter (Artifacts, Su-Zan: Queen of the Wild) and Renny Castellani (Topolino, Donald Duck) bring their completed graphic novel, Barnstormers!, to Kickstarter to fund a printing of the paperback version of their story.

Barnstormers! follows the adventures of Roscoe, Anna, and Clyde; three down on their luck pilots and monster hunters looking to make a living in the 1920s, but when they cross paths with a mysterious adventurer named Doc Lyon, Roscoe finds his ticket to easy street with one big job that could mean his final payday. The problem? He’ll have to save the world from a soul sucking dragon, cult members, and a powerful wizard bent on preventing WWII.

It’s a pulp-style adventure story that takes the tone of The Rocketeer and mixes it with the Saturday morning cartoon style of shows like Tailspin and SWAT Kats.

The trade paperback will contain all three issues of the comic book series, pin-ups by artists like Ryan Lee (Archer & Armstrong, Ninjak) and Joseph Cooper (The Flash, Bloodshot), and will have additional rewards including script books, digital comics, and more.

Praise for Barnstormers!

"Kaiju versus WWI biplanes -- the mash-up you didn't know was missing from your life until BARNSTORMERS came along -- wild, fun, great stuff!" – Fred Van Lente (Weird Detective, Archer & Armstrong)

“Magic, monsters and... biplanes? It’s fast, fun and right up the alley of anyone who misses the rock’em sock’em adventure of Indiana Jones.”–Justin Jordan (Savage Things, Spread)

"Beasts, brawls, and biplanes. Barnstormers is a whole lot of fun!" - Jim Zub (Dungeons & Dragons, Thunderbolts)

"Like burrowing headlong into a wondrous toy chest, Barnstormers is a winsome and playful adventure. A crackerjack good time that never sputters, only soars."– Paul Montgomery (Comics Journalist, The Margins)


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