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Armie Hammer Announcement Teased Again: Two-Face In Batman?

Armie Hammer Announcement Teased Again: Two-Face In Batman?

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Sun, 12/11/2016 - 19:42
Armie Hammer Announcement Teased Again: Two-Face In Batman?

There's either a huge announcement coming regarding Armie Hammer in Justice League or the Ben Affleck Batman movie, or this has been the biggest example of trolling ever.

It's been speculated that Armie Hammer is joining the DCEU with many fans hoping for Green Lantern, with myself speculating it's for Ben Affleck's Batman movie which will start filming soon and has been fastracked ahead of Justice League 2.

The latest (via reddit) sees a lawyer out of Texas, Kent Schaffer, tweeting out to Armie Hammer: "great seeing you today and very excited about the upcoming announcement about the film..." including an emoji of a "face without mouth."  

While a lot of fans have been guessing Armie Hammer may be playing Green Lantern, or I've thrown it out there Nightwing or Red Hood, how about Armie Hammer as Harvey Dent aka Two-Face? Harvey Dent is the Gotham City district attorney who eventually goes on to become the Batman villain Two-Face. As we see, the tweet above was from a lawyer, so maybe it's not a stretch to think Armie Hammer is going to play Two-Face in the Batman movie? You do have to admit that Armie Hammer also looks the part. Aaron Eckert most recently played Two-Face in Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, and Harvey Dent appears on the Gotham TV series, played by Nicholas D' Agosto. 

Of course, Armie Hammer may not even been in the DCEU at all, and whatever announcement it is, is unrelated to the DC films. If Armie Hammer isn't in the DCEU, he's at least been having some fun with the fans.


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