Batman's adventures by Japanese manga artist Jiro Kuwata come to DC's digital releases!
Very involving and intriguing.
A truly momentous epilogue with promise of excitement to come.
Tired of comics reading like your grandma’s soaps? Pick up Green Lantern #33.
A summer adventure worth reading in the sun.
"What a bunch of A-Holes." Where did we hear that one before?
The Hulks beat up Vista Verde! Not what it seems.
A Decent Transformers Movie? Maybe This is Why Shia Got Himself Arrested Last Thursday.
Maybe a backup strip in one of the Green Lantern books is in order?
Fun, involving issue and a great jumping-on spot for newbies.
Ellis and Howard bring a speculative fiction tale to the comics page with the mysterious "Trees."
Byron hereby calls for more solo Doc tales by this creative team.
A whole new way to experience time travel.
Cool comic. Fun comic. Cosmic comic!
What more can you ask for in one monthly book? Simply cosmic, man!
An amazing debut issue full of magic, mysticism and upheaval that will have fans talking about the "next big thing!" Spectacular effort by Miskiewics and Schmidt!
An amazing combination of action and emotion that will make you ponder why you would read anything else. The future of the Valiant Universe begins here!
Gillen and McKelvie deliver a whole new take on modern gods in this Image Comics series.
It is way past time for NINO to go away and never be heard tell of again.
Jason Aaron continues to shock and astound fans with this amazing murder mystery tale. This is truly Marvel's best "event" book in years!
One of the most enjoyable Inhumans-oriented Marvel toons of all time.
It is good to read an old-fashioned, fun comic book. Innovative.
Simply amazing!
This is just another attempt by Marvel to grab as much cash from readers as they can on "event" books. Too bad this one has NOTHING to do with Original Sin by Jason Aaron!