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Matt Ryan talks with Cosmic Book News about the new animated movie, animated series and more.
We chatted with Matt Ryan who feels there is unfinished work with Constantine.
Topics include doing Evil Dead 4, tying into the remake, the new series and lots more.
Topics include Walking Dead, why they can't use Army of Darkness, fear of returning and more.
Topics include Evil dead, women in superhero film, Agents Of SHIELD, kick-ass female characters and more.
Cosmic Book News catches up with Tanski on his latest film projects and more.
The 23-year-old Croatian refugee updates Cosmic Book News on his latest projects and more.
The villain behind the latest Michael Bay Transformer movie shares his thoughts on voice acting, Black Sails and lots more.
Byron talks Rann and Thanagar, a new member of the Cree, and Moose Factory!
Byron and the scribe talk secret projects, witty Shadows and Bunn's father!
Byron and Gail discuss Sonja then and now, dream match-ups, and Walter Giovani.
Byron delves into ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night.
Byron and Haden discuss Frank Miller, ghosts of Elektra's past, and Batwoman!
Byron and Shannon discuss pulp heroes, a man's worth -- and Disney XD!
Creator discusses disabled heroes, coping with sales, and publisher support.
Byron and the artist discuss CBM highs, lows, possibilities -- and monsters!
Byron delves into comics vs. film, the soul of an individual, and being a one-man band.
Byron dishes with writer on fantasy, reality, witches and Dynamite staffers
Byron gets the scoop on SF novel writing, real-world drug tech, and more!
Byron asks Waid about DD's new locale, new status quo, the Widow and the Owl.
Byron talks with Bunn about Yellow Lanterns, anti-heroes and Lyssa Drak
Byron and JT discuss the reimagined Cylons, the human psyche and more.
Starlin talks about his upcoming Marvel Cosmic projects and more.
Byron and Frank talk Gold Key, nuclear families, Five Ghosts -- and twins!
Byron and Jeff talk outer space, Kings Watch, new characters -- and Ming!
Byron and Arvid discuss nude Dejah, solo Carter, Barsoom -- and Woola!
Byron discusses 70s special effects, big-bads, Sasquatch -- and Jaime Sommers!
Byron gets the skinny on Zod, wonder-rogues, Tony Daniel -- and Faora!
Byron and J.M. discuss Giffen, cosmic big-bads, JL 3000 -- and G'nort?
Byron talks to the scribe on gods, spies, Thor's death, Lorelei -- and frogs!
Byron gets the 411 on new titles, new directions and Mike's favorite book.
Byron digs into a mess of mutants, aliens, new villains and Serval Industries.
Byron discusses Gold Key heroes, cybernetics and robotics, and North Am!
Byron gets the 411 on the new writer, working with Top Cow, and the Rapture,
Byron digs deep into new characters, the Outsiders War ... and Speedy.
Byron gets the 411 on Actives, spy groups and a boy named Bobby.
Byron swashes his buckle while uncovering secrets of gladiators and old friends.
Byron finds out what happens when Native American meets thunder lizard.
Byron discovers how to mix mystery and western genres and make it work.
Byron talks to the new scribe of FF to discover his plans for Cap & Company.