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Is the book aimed at 7-year-olds?
Zero out of five stars.
Written by Guardians of the Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman.
Is the comic as good as Agents of SHIELD's Ghost Rider? Not even close!
This has been the least impressive issue...
Fans have hit the Trifecta by picking up this debut issue!
This non-Superman fan has been converted, and I cannot wait to see what is in store next!
So rich in both detail and surprise that it can only be enjoyed properly by reading it yourself.
Max Landis brings pure joy and wonderment back to the Superman mythos in this perfect tale of young Clark Kent!
After seven years, Leob and Sale, deliver an explosive, emotional tale that is well worth the wait!
Jeff Lemire continues to build multiple levels of suspense and has made Bloodshot Reborn one of the MUST read books of the year!
The "Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has begun and Rucka has paved the way for everything new!
If you’re a cosmic fan, rush out and buy this book. Reward great quality with high sales.
Today we bid a sad farewell to Marvel’s only true Cosmic book, Guardians 3000...
Happy Day! This trash book is finally over! No more NINO’s!
This absolutely terrible storyline is finally brought to its inevitably stupid end...
Let’s talk about how clichéd and dumb this IGINO concept and storyline are in the first place...
Timelord offers this thoughts on the latest issue as well as Marvel's PC propaganda campaign.
This is the epic, opening salvo to the creation of a "new" Marvel Universe? Can I please have a reboot instead?!
Scott Snyder tells THE Batman tale of the century and changes the mythos of the Dark Knight forever!
This incredibly stupid storyline of Quill getting married to Kitty is unspeakably asinine...
Heroes fall like dominoes in this devastating issue! Jeff King has finally made Convergence a "must read" book!
Fact is, Duggan, like Bendis and Loeb, has no idea how to write a true cosmic story. He writes farce. That’s it.
Points out how small and petty Quill’s GotGINO team has become under Bendis and Gunn.