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Will report to Ike Perlmutter.
Hot on the heels of Marvel cancelling their own digital codes...
Batman and The Flash Team Up!
DC redefined some of their most popular characters in Rebirth, and the DCU has never been better.
A tale about the lengths a Sorcerer Supreme will go to save his magical best bro.
Congrats, Stan Lee!
DC brings back Superman but not the red trunks. Again.
Diamond released their charts and info for comic book sales in December.
Even beats Batman!
Comic book fans can now enjoy the rebirth of some of their favorite superheroes using just a library card.
Marvel Comics is a complete train wreck!
Captain America related.
This, friends, is the tale of a single man taking on an entire universe.
Rick sportin' Lucille!
Ramifications from Rebirth!
The Power of Grayskull is no more!
Is the book aimed at 7-year-olds?
Launches next year.
An epic love story with an equally epic battle as one villain tries to secure the love of his life?!
Zero out of five stars.
Written by Guardians of the Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman.
Is the comic as good as Agents of SHIELD's Ghost Rider? Not even close!
Walt Simonson!
The world's greatest assassin and one of the most feared people on the planet.