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Animated Spider-Man Movie Casts Miles Morales & Villain

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 04/21/2017 - 02:04

Sony has cast Miles Morales and the villain for the upcoming animated Spider-Man movie.

THR reported last week that Shameik Moore (Dope) will voice Spider-Man Miles Morales, and Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth in the X-Men movies) will voice the villain who is being kept under wraps.

The article notes the animated Spider-Man movie does not spotlight Peter Parker, who is being played by Tom Holland in the live-action Spider-Man: Homecoming movie for Marvel Studios. Likewise, Marvel Studios is not involved with the animated Spider-Man Miles Morales movie.

The Miles Morales animated Spider-Man movie is written by Phil Lord, who is also on board as producer along with his Lego Movie and Han Solo movie co-director, Chris Miller.

Directing the animated Spider-Man movie is The Little Prince writer Bob Persichetti alongside Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardians).

It's said plot details are being kept secret, but the animated Spider-Man movie focuses "on Morales as he juggles school life and superheroics in the classic Spider-Man mold."

The animated Spider-Man movie is due out December 21, 2018. 

Sony recently showed off footage from the animated Spider-Man movie in which writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller stated the film "has a lot of heart, a lot of action, and a lot of laughs."

The animated Spider-Man footage featured concept art and a graffity-style red and blue spider logo. The animated movie Miles Morales Spider-Man costume appars to be more in line with the classic blue and red Peter Parker Spider-Man design and not the black and red Ultimate Comics Spider-Man costume. Footage included the Miles Morales Spider-Man chasing Prowler and a massive Green Goblin statue. It's noted the animation was in an early form of development, but it appears the animated Spider-Man movie will feature a "style that combines classic comic book illustrations with CGI," as during the action sequences, "the frames flash from CGI to having textures straight out of a comic book."