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Agents of SHIELD Says Good-Bye To A Cast Member

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Wed, 04/19/2017 - 13:01

The cast of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD says good-bye to a cast member as last night's episode saw the death of a major character.

Spoilers follow.

The Agents of SHIELD have found themselves trapped within the world of the Framework where HYDRA rules all. The artificial world created by Radcliffe and poisoned by Aida is similar to the real world, but features one important difference--a person's biggest regret has been removed. The removal of regret has caused a butterfly effect that not only altered the artificial reality, but also the individual. As Radcliffe stated in last night's episode, all it takes is one sentence to change a person, whether it be "I love you," "we're having a baby" or "she's gone." 

However, some things remain the same as some of the Agents of SHIELD inside the Framework still fight the good fight. Enter the Inhuman Jeffrey Mace, played by Jason O'Mara, who is the leader of the underground resistance inside the Framework known as The Patriot.

In a daring mission to save a fellow revolutionary, The Patriot defeated May and followed Coulson into a building that imprisoned and brainwashed children. Upon May being defeated, Madam Hydra (aka Aida) and Fitz ordered May to destroy the building. The HYDRA Quinjet fired missles into the building, but didn't bring it down entirely, so May went into to confirm the death of The Patriot where she was startled to learn children were housed inside. As May makes her way to the SHIELD agents, she comes upon The Patriot who is holding a beam, staving off the collapse of the building, and saving a child's life. May finally wakes up, but not without dire consequences. Coulson and the SHIELD agents save the children, but The Patriot Jeffrey Mace sacrifices himself to save them all. The building collapses and Mace dies--not only inside the Framework, but his real-world body dies as well.

The Agents of SHIELD Instagram account posted a cast pic saying good-bye to Jason O'Mara.

"These are all of our faces right now. Amazing work, Jason O'Mara!" the post reads.

You can also watch the death of Jeffrey Pace, The Patriot, below. 


These are all of our faces right now. Amazing work, @jason_omara! #AgentsofSHIELD

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The Patriot. #agentsofshield

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