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The Avengers are attacked on their home turf in the beginning of a new LEGO Marvel saga!
Variant Play Arts Kai Iron Man. Pics inside.
Human Torch and Invisible Woman in action.
"...tsunami of superhero movies that have swept over this industry."
Most anticipated fights in boxing history airs on Saturday during Avengers 2 premiere.
Wants to play Wolverine until he dies.
Rumors for now.
How did we get this far...
Where is Banner in Avengers 2, potential Hulk movie and more.
Crazy about Evans.
Has a poetic BA entrance.
Uhh... Frank Castle?
Syncs up pretty well.
Marvel present at Toy Fair.
Possible minor spoiler.
Definitely no strings on this guy.
Fans are excited.
Waiting on Blomkamp.
Your own little guy can now be Ultron.
Hits May 1st.
More Spider-Man news is coming in...
Absolutely would play JJ again.
Spider-Man causes the Marvel movies to be jump up a notch.
Hulk, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Ultron and more.
Ant-Man in a vent.
Last time we saw Loki was on the throne...
Celestials, Ronan, Cosmo and aliens.
Marvel offered 20 mil?
Cool promo pics of Hulk and more.
More promo art.
"We’re working on some stuff."
Two cool pieces.
Was Marvel hoping for a copy of the first movie?
Wants to use original cast and start filming after Star Wars.
Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ Statues.
From Toys R Us.
No script when he started on GL.
Up first is famous Japanese toy artist Touma.
Black Panther can't be far behind.
Pretty much what everybody thought.