The Avengers Hub

She looks ticked.
CGI Power.
3 minutes long?
Seems surprised at the mention that this is Marvel's Star Wars.
Our source fills us in on some info which also includes Man of Steel 2, Batman Reboot and Christopher Nolan.
Plays Alexander Pierce, senior SHIELD leader.
Big announcements are coming about DC across the board!
New pic of Megan Fox.
More April O'Neil.
New cast addition. Who is he playing?
Harley just a nickname?
IM3 is doing rather well.
Looks like a game of hardball.
New cast and characters for Marvel Studios movies?
First pic of Megan Fox in the movie.
Cool vid.
Iron Man was lucky to have Jon Favreau at the helm.
Tennant as Rocket?!
Iron Man vs. Man of Steel! Who wins? Go!
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes? The Avengers Assemble?
Look Mark 42 in pieces. Again.
Pratt seen out in the wild.
Filming began today in NYC.
Is Iron Man 3 a movie you would pay to see twice?
IM3, Superman, JL, Fantastic Four, Thor 2 and Superior Spider-Man!
Sorry, Bendis.
Thor preparing for battle.
Looks like a Strange Phase 3 film.
Not as good as an opening as overseas?
No CGI for Saldana.
Iron Man 3 is going to make a lot of money thanks to Robert Downey Jr. But this film's got diminishing returns and Downey won't be around forever.
EIC Matt McGloin shares his thoughts on IM3!
On the Eve of the big debut!
One more before we get on with the show.
Don't worry about trying to hunt this down.
Zod as Aquaman?
New art and details.
New art.
Another FF member, possibly.
Two new Assemblers for The Avengers 2.