The Avengers Hub

April 30th sees Iron Man 3.
Behind the scenes from IM3.
Check out Cap and Black Widow!
The world is turned upside down as one of earth’s greatest super heroes – Flash – wakes up devoid of his super powers!
Aunt Petunia! FF to film in June!
Tony's cosmic suit!
Whedon talks about the sequel.
Ed Brubaker lent the Russo brothers a hand on Cap 2.
We might have the Doc.
One week to go.
Gunn will be featuring the originals in the movie. At least one so far.
Major chains pull IM3 sales!
In stores today.
New armor revealed as part of a video game.
Faora is a psychopath!
Dozen TV spots for IM3.
Rooker's sportin' a mohawk!
Details on Sam Wilson.
Crowd gets excited as the Assemblers take stage.
Details on a post-credit scene hit the net.
Two familiar yet new posters.
Check it out!
Avengers assemble on stage for Best Fight scene.
New IM3 commercials.
Mobile phone spot.
Some cool images from Disneyland.
Screenwriters talks Thor and Cap.
Maybe she already is?
Teaser for a teaser this Sunday.
Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Kingsley talk IM3 with behind the camera scenes.
Short little IM3 armor promos.
You can fly, fire repulsors -- and dance!
Does WB have the rights to do a prequel movie?
Raising awareness for poverty, the actors talks Thor 2.
Become a co-creator of a comic book where you decide Iron Man's fate and craft the final chapter.
May have a bigger opening than Iron Man 2.
Possibly spoilers for the Thor 2 trailer.
Iron Man 3 will be more of a solo journey.
Take a look at Chris Evans' costume for Cap 2.
Pretty much on par with the previous Iron Man movies.