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The Avengers Derp Edition!
Saldana is excited for the movie to say the least.
More Yondu to come?
More Marvel Cosmic?!
Builds motorcycles and wrestled in highschool, too.
Representing the threat of the Winter Soldier!
Thor 2 doing well at the box office. Good news for Loki and Thor 3.
All the Lex Luthor actors rumored have been over the age of 50. How about some young cats for the role?!
Star-Lord being sought for another big role.
Will run in front of future Marvel movies and S.H.I.E.L.D
Watchmen actor re-teaming with Snyder?
Fox updates their released dates for a few movies.
Some cool deals on Blu-Ray.
Who will play Lex Luthor? Speculation and rumors begin anew!
Casting call reveals some interesting details.
Details slip in a recent interview with Kevin Feige.
Spoilers for the ending of Thor 2!
Looking forward to working with Aaron Taylor-Johnson again.
On track to topple the first film.
She doesn't have the role and not signed for it.
Thor 2 off to a good start.
Cobie Smulders confirmed for Avengers: Age Of Ultron.
Lawrence offers his review for Thor 2. "Favorite movie all year so far! An absolute must-see!"
Spoiler for Thor 2!
Check out the footage!
More footage from the Thor 2 world premiere.
Another nice spread from Alexander.
I am Groot no more?
On sale tomorrow!
Battle between realms!
The two Avengers team up to take on Zzzax!
Loki, Thor and Stan The Man!
Talks Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Benicio del Toro and more.
Superman Meets The Batman: A Wayne Industries satellite hints at future storylines.
Kids might be in trouble with Loki!
Sorceror Supreme headed to the big screen!
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Might be a long shot, but could happen.
Pratt offers an enigmatic response to the question of Vin Diesel playing Groot.
Good news for Thor 3!